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Multifamily properties require the highest amount of capital, have the lowest management costs relative to the investment, and have the potential for cash flow and forced appreciation. Marvel Realtor is focused on large multifamily properties, in part because of its higher interest in benefits and super cash flow associated with assets of this size.

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Detached houses
(Single Family Houses)

Detached houses (Single Family Homes) are an accessible starting point for many investors, especially given the stated preferences of renters and home buyers, but trends toward greater accessibility and shorter drive times leave room for multifamily buildings as more appealing housing options for both renters and investors.

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Customized Real Estate Investment

Marvel Realtor works with investors to create a completely custom real estate portfolio composed of a specific variety of properties that align with an investor’s goals and integrate with their financial plan. Marvel Realtor Investment Scheme is a high-end business and research environment, to meet with expert developers and financial advisors, to reach an informed decision about your real estate investment goal.

Our Real Estate Investment Mission

Marvel Realtor Investment Scheme is a commercial & residential real estate investment scheme committed to building more intelligent portfolios of cash flowing with substantial assets. We are passionate about supporting our partners in keeping their wealth and financial freedom through a varied investment of money flowing through real estate assets, with a focus on a multi-family and single-family housing scheme ( duplex, terrace, apartments, flats, shared, collective, and others).


Real Estate Investment Journey


Regardless of whether you are hoping to invest in an area because of its high return on investment, security, and stability, or looking to expand on an established property portfolio or discover alternative investment opportunities, then the Marvel Realtor Investment Scheme is what you need. Marvel Realtor Investment Scheme is the passage to new real estate opportunities.


Our investment expert is ever available to hear and understand your needs and goals. As a team, we will create a clear strategy, give you expert advice, and move to the next steps in making a tailor-made real estate investment plan.

Purchasing Property

Being in the real estate sector for over 10years, our team will advise you on the hot spots which provide a maximum rental return, as well as the locations to avoid. Being a local estate and lettings agency, we know the market well. We will find your property match.

Preparing for Rental

With our professional expertise, we will advise you on the area in which you can put together and organize your property to fulfill the requirements of the rental market

Finding you a Great Tenant

Keep yourself protected against unsavory tenants who cause nonstop problems. Our application process includes detailed screening, with financial & background checks. We only place great renters.

Making a

Our ultimate goal is to provide strong monthly rental returns and capital growth for our clients. We believe that your hard earn real estate investment should generate ROI and increase in resale value. 

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